Fader Automation - Do you need it?

Fader Automation: Do you need it?

As most engineers will agree, mix revisions are 99% of the time about small volume changes. It’s never about something not sounding right.
So clearly, mixing with an analogue console and outboard is not the impossible scenario that many spread for years all over the internet.
When you print your processed tracks and FX, recalling the mix is no issue at all.

The Ark Console is perfect for this.
Here’s how:

The Ark console has direct outs on every channel.
- Use direct out of each channel to record a “multitrack” mix to your DAW (you can even overdub)
- Route all these “mix” tracks back through the console with all channels at zero (no EQ, routing, and faders at zero dB)
- The console gets again used for what it is best at > the summing
If you have to come back to the mix to correct things later on, it’s easy.
Route your multitrack mix through the “nulled” console and make adjustments where needed.
This goes way beyond a (very costly) simple fader automation system.

In detail:
- Route your multitrack recording to the Ark channels, through the Line inputs using the Large Fader
- Process these tracks with the onboard EQ and any insert you feel like using.
- Record the direct out of each channel (after the fader) to a new track on your DAW, including all processing and volume changes.
- Overdub till it is right
- Route the newly recorded (processed) tracks to the Ark channels, using the DAW inputs and the Small Fader.
- No processing on the Small Fader tracks, all faders at “0”
- The Small Fader outputs get routed to L/R Master outputs, where final master bus compression can be used

If you have to come back to your mix to do some small level changes, you can again route the (processed) tracks from your DAW through the console, and do these changes.
Either on the console or in your DAW.

Since the Ark is an inline console, all these steps can be done “in one pass”.
The disadvantage is that you need the double A-to-D-to-A if you want to do this in one go.
But adding another ADDA is a lot cheaper per channel than the price of fader automation.
(even the best audio interfaces do not cost €1000 per channel, which is what you would pay - at least - for fader automation)

So yes, this is why we stopped working on fader automation.
We understand it is nice to see those faders moving, but in reality, this is just a very expensive “show-off”
Much better results can be achieved with the above described scenario.

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